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Tall Tales and International Speech Contests - "Rise and Shine"

A HUGE thank you for RISING and shining with Tanya and I, Saturday morning.
The theme, RISE and Shine was about taking it to the next level, not settling for mediocre, stepping out of our comfort zones and creating something anew. Basically, being what pathways calls an Innovative Planner. And with your help we did just that, filling the room with 107 shining souls, rising to greatness! When you work with the best, you get the best!

Thank you so much for lending your hands and especially your hearts to help make this such a success AND Let's give it up again for our contest they RISE (and shine) to the next level representing Area ;D at the Division contest.
Hip, Hop, Hooray to...
Denise Webb CC, CL, IP3

Stuart Mosher gives Cary Kellems an Award

Cameron White "Oveercoming the By-Stander Effect

Stuart Mosher

Brian Yanez

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